15 January 2018



There was Quote running some time back ““In China “If you have to build a Aerodrome then five 

central leaders will meet, plan and develop that in a year ” But in “India there will never be an 

Aerodrome starting  till Airplanes waiting in Sky with Chaos everywhere around in ground while 

desperate emergency in place to find a runway” towards safe landing””.

Last three years in fact trying swiftly move from this state of affairs but on “Ground Zero” often         
 “Something virtually packaged as Nothing!

Well above is perennial case study called “Devil lays in Execution” i.e. hardly we wear shoes of 

“Doers” in fact we always try to keep safe distance from the word “Doers”.

Let’s just simply review a “very minuscule of execution” called “A Digital Transaction”  to see 

What being told and Where we Real ?

What Being Told ?

Speakers  , Leaders, Officers loud enough saying “ Please always do XY submission online , through Z application for which lot of rewards upcoming” .Propaganda mechanism continue every day, with ads, shows, videos both in WEB and TV.

Where We Real  ?

Let User “V” (  bit  new ) being fascinated by “Digital India” just decided “Let’s do everything online”.
  • Opens smartphone to install Z app but there seems many named like “ Z# , Z` , Z+ ,z “
  • Has to run around to here and there to understand find exact one.
  •   Once installed, “oh” its’ not opening ? ,  someone told “reboot once” i.e. Balm for all aches.
  • Tried registering, ID needs OTP arrival, but some minutes gone “where is OTP ?”
  • By the time , got OTP SMS , screen page says “Reload” error , “looking , why only two signal bars? ” , just go to an roof top , open area , use signal checking tools !
  • Once network in place , enter data fresh but “wait , still more , it says “your previous session still exist wait 5 minutes”
  • Finally entered to screen “Send 00 to UserB” , after 30 minutes with a smile , I just pressed “Confirm” , then comes “shocker” a complete “White Screen ! ” , Let’s wait “something will be coming” , minutes keep going , 5 minutes , 10 minutes , 15 minutes , 20 minutes , Let’s just close entire app
  • Logged in , this time , shock is deep even to accept amount debited but transaction in progress !! ”.
So “When will this transaction will complete ? , Whom to ask quickly ? , “How long should be waiting ?”

Can even catch hold of that Leader   , Speaker just now to “show my transaction pending screen” OR 
just get rid of “do it all things online” ?? So where we go wrong ? i.e.

“Remember Message from Top perennially vanishes way before it reach Ground Zero ! ”

  • Top i.e. Leaders always intend to do good , asks participation, think about your future , want you to be happy ,  but “what happens then ?”
  • Is above A Communication issue? , A Planning issue? , A Policy/ Idea/Rules/Process issue?”  
  • NO  ;  often only “an Execution issue !”
  • Well above is example is just “Tip of Iceberg”
  • Where Leaders inherently assume “Words Spoken is Works Execution !

They remain confident with Lieutenants when Lieutenants themselves searching “How ?”

  • To make things happen we need “Doers” those who have either experimented “How?” under substantial Opposition Or Can always tell beforehand “What need not be done!” to make something “Doable!”.
  • The Irony of moment we try to figure out “What need not be done!”  ,   assumption changed against “You as a person” instead of “Idea under Discussion”
  • Historically, we have seen lot of “Resilient Doers” those built, mentored, and coached their Lieutenants to be Doers in Execution “eliminating“   Devils” those who are lying perpetually before “Start Date” till “Finish Date”.
  • Sir Issac Newton emphatically told famous 3rd LAW in Science  ( Every action has an equal and opposite reaction which holds good in all seasons at least what myself infer from that  “Unless Doers act/execute/initiate an action to solve problem themselves , they will never in a state to understand equal/opposite reaction that got triggered.                                 “ ( Only when you pull trigger of Gun yourself then only can have capability to measure backward thrust )”
  • Doers are very less in number today because no one wants to pull trigger first then realize chain      of events follows before making promises.
  • We need more and more “Doers” those who have done , so they can screen people to share like Armed forces recruitment quote Join us If have that in you ??

Above mini example of “Digital India” need similar cases of 
“Agriculture” , “HealthCare” ,“Administration”,“Infrastructure” and “Education”.

( *As and when Doers can share* )

26 November 2017

Why Digital India is Struggling Today?

Lot of Articles but this headline quiet something different compare to regular “Breaking News”   Urgent Prime Minister of India Called at 10 pm ]   [ Ctrl+ Click on Link ].

Urgency of Economy has reached such a slowdown that under current circumstances thought of stimulating a conversation that is running overdue   , something this sort is “need of hour” where caller on the other end should be a “Corporate CEOs/Board of Directors/Founders/Chairman/”.

Let’s assess a theatrical interaction of something going between them  !

v  “ Sir  , Are we speaking to CEO of “xyzDigital Inc” ? à Caller from PMO
o   “Yes  à CEO told
v  Sir   , We apologize to call such late night but Prime Minister of India wants to converse in matters that need urgent attention. à Caller from PMO
o   “Oh , That’s Surprising , Will be glad“  à CEO with bit freezing tone i.e. of course…

After few Beeps   ,  line got transferred to “Sri Narendra Damodar Das Modi” , then he Spoke

 “Mr.CEO  , Thanks Joining , here Mr.FM along in Conference  after marathon cabinet meeting…

v  We are monitoring economy past some weeks and quiet worried about Mass layoff, Unemployment, Slow Investments, Inflation …..Taking very serious note of this downward spiral, We are now calling from large employers to Startups starting here today, Can you present small concise facts  , though we already got latest data through Economic Intelligence Wings .. à @PM

o   Dear Mr.Modi  , Let me talk about unemployment , mass layoffs first .. à CEO… thinking it may pinch but honest and direct talk is better

We are global Blue-chip Technology Company making profits by employing highly skilled Professionals but we are going through tough time due to reason below  à
a)    Employees they themselves cannot bear high Cost of Advanced Technology required to upgrade skills  , which is making them redundant in face of massive technology advancements as well Robotics.
b)   NSR   (   Skill  Registry ) is a defunct service without any mandatory private sector Employee service record management similar to UPSC or Administrative Services of India , We are spending hugely on background checks (BGV).
c)    Fresher’s coming out of campuses mostly need further investment from my company as Indian Education system based on theoretical study without any “Hands-On” exposure.
d)    Government yet to facilitate officially a “National Integrated Employment Commission”  similar to CCI which will help us to recruit across industry like Manufacturing , Agro Products , Education as well support IT employees movement from one Industry to Other.
e)    This is a high time where Government Constitute a committee to prescribe “Criteria based salary structure in absence of standard regulation” in discussion with NAASCOM to bring parity among competitive industries.

·         Why your Company is not investing and employing more   , Can you explain? à @PM

v  Dear Mr.Modi   , Let me talk about slow investment here   . à CEO

We need to see profit on every opportunity but currently we do see difficult circumstance to realize Revenue as Tax Regime is changing, just want to talk about one untapped sector that has substantial continuous demand but primitive to technology

a)    India from centuries primarily based on Agriculture and its products but that is today most neglected though in terms of implementing Digital Technologies to increase either harvest or distribution to benefit Farmers i.e. End users
b)   Investment “On Field or Real Time Analysis” of “Software as a Service” in Harvesting or Distribution of Grain , Fruits and Vegetables is a RISK , which need GOI support and investment.

v  If requested where GOI need to fund and how  , so more young ( 26 to 40 year ) people either can create small enterprises or can be employed  à @PM

o   Dear Mr. Modi   , Let me talk about necessary new GOI schemes.. à CEO

a)   “Statutory Unemployment Wages” i.e. 50% of Basic pay must be enacted through “Act of Parliament” for Salaried Tax payers of minimum 3 years.
b)   Government urgently need to distribute “Certification Vouchers” on subscription basis to Private Sector Employees i.e. a scheme should be launched.
c)    Platform like “Swayam” should be completely “free of cost” to even appear Certification exams at least another 3 years.
d)    GOI nodal agency as “Angel Investor” up to 5 lakhs on Ideas “post due Scrutiny” is must to self-start a Start-up.
e)   A bill to guide “Act of Private Sector Employment Service Progression” under a Nodal agency like NAASCOM , CII or establishment of NICE with a goal to create “One Work for One Person

v  What can GOI do to decrease price   , same time make more people employed?   à @PM

o   Dear Mr.Modi  , Let me talk about inflations here .. à CEO

a)    Once a Person unemployed from Private Sector both “Organized or Non Organized” , then in India there is no mechanism to track or re-employ which need more P-P-P GOI schemes through under establishment under “Act of Parliament”
b)   GOI need to provide 50% funding on Education and Medical Consultation including Hospitalization for Tax Payers in Tier-I   , Tier-II Cities to increase purchasing power of Households or Families.
c)    Speedy implementation of “Act of Insolvency for Individuals” to get legal protection from Banks Or NBFC in case of Unemployment , Personal Losses which even necessary to survive in case of  “Losses occurring due to Start-up Failures”
d)    Uniform Rent Control Act to regulate Rentals in Urban areas Or to control stiff increase in Rents in Tier-I   , Tier-II Cities
e)    Urgent Bureaucratic reforms including reemploying Highly Experienced Private Sector Employees under Lateral Contractual Service up to 3 years in Indian Administration to expedite Government schemes will boost both Economy as well Employment.

@PM –  Mr CEO ,Seems an eye opener talk as Job Creation is extreme stagnant even if good ratings  provided by rating agency.

CEO –   Sir  , Ground execution will be key to transformation which need expedite GOI interventions.


InSight There was Quote running some time back ““In China “ If you have to build a Aerodrome then five  central leaders will meet, pl...